Joe Leech

A lesson in the importance of kerning.

The unfortunate story of Clint and his tattoo.

Poor old Clint. I feel sorry for the poor guy. Clint is from Plymouth. Famous for it’s pirates and sailors.
I first met Clint when he came to visit a good friend of mine back in my university days.

What happened to Clint teaches us the importance of kerning in typography.

Clint was smiling from ear to ear. A few days before he’d been down to one of Plymouth’s tattoo parlours and had had a large tattoo on his upper arm. He couldn’t wait to show us.

He began to roll up his t-shirt. There was a loud gasp from us.

Clint had had his name tattooed on his arm in capitals; CLINT. Not the smartest thing to do but that wasn’t the horror of it.

The tattooist didn’t understand the importance of kerning. The letter spacing between the L and I was too close. It looked like a letter U. Clint realised what had happened. His face dropped. Poor old Clint.

That my friends is why kerning is important.

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