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UX mistakes I have made #3: Showing your Organisational Underwear

A series of blog posts about common User Experience and IA mistakes. I have at some point made all of these blunders and later regretted each and every one.

Bob in operations says we need to have a section of the website called ‘Operations’, can you put one in the nav?

Oh boy.

We’ve renamed our support team to become the Customer Advocacy team, we need to rename the ‘Help’ section to customer advocacy.


A classic case of showing your organisational underwear.

Your company organisational chart should not be the basis of your website IA.

I’ve seen this time and time again. Teams feeling left out if they have no section on the site. Job descriptions predicated on their being a specific webpage that person has to update. The absence of the page or section being seen as a snub.

It’s not an easy thing to deal with.

Basing you information architecture on user needs is the route to success. Make the reasoning objective. If that doesn’t work point out that no-one wants to show their underwear to world and basing your website on your org chart is doing just that.

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