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We can rebuild: articles, stories and help focused on a post Covid-19 world

Relentlessly positive. Focused on rebuilding.

I’m starting a monthly newsletter: Articles, insights and collections of stuff to help digital product teams get through the Covid lockdown and what to do to recover business afterwards.

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Relentlessly positive. Focused on rebuilding.

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Preview of issues one

Managing teams remotely

Managing remotely
The rather fantastic Julie Zhuo shares here advice on managing a remote team, why remote meetings are hard and solid advice about making remote easier for everyone as well as how to be productive when working at home. Solid gold.

Influencing Virtual Teams: 17 Tactics That Get Things Done with Your Remote Employees UK Amazon | USA Amazon
A timely book on long term working with a remote team. Although a little brisk at points there are some great tips in there for every remote manager.

Discovery When Working Remotely
Less about discovery and more about working better together as a team during the lockdown. As always from Marty Cagan the advice is very practical and very opinionated.

Prioritising and shipping product during Covid

What Product Leaders Should be Focused on during COVID19 Crisis Very business focused advice on what is important now. Spoiler: cashflow, sales and reducing user churn.

How to Use OKR During the COVID-19 Outbreak
Very practical guide to use OKRs to focus the team on the right things now the world has changed.

Life after Covid

World 2.0
Economist and sociologist Tyler Cowen lays out the new normal. There’s plenty to be happy about in the new world!

After the lockdown
A thought piece from the Financial Times. What will it take to get back to some kind of economic normality?

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Relentlessly positive. Focused on rebuilding.

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